Executive Director Posted Feb 10
Florida Green Building Coalition , Orlando, FL (State Wide Representation )

JOB TITLE & TYPE: Executive Director / Full Time

LOCATION: Central Region, but represents State of Florida

*FGBC reserves the right to revise this job description as needed to comply with actual job requirements.


The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) is a nonprofit 501(C)3 Florida corporation dedicated to improving the built environment. FGBC has served as leaders around environment and sustainability around the State of Florida. The FGBC is continually finding new and innovative ways to educate builders, developers, local governments, and consumers about how to achieve a healthier, more environmentally sustainable future.


The board of directors is looking to hire an Executive Director (ED) for the corporation- FGBC to serve the State of Florida. The ED shall perform such duties as are appropriate and as may be assigned to him/her by the Board of Directors. ED shall execute the policies of the Corporation as prescribed from time to time by the Board, and he/she shall be responsible to the Board. ED shall select such employees for the operation of the Corporation's office as he/she may deem necessary; who shall receive such salaries, within the limits of the budget, and perform such duties as may be prescribed by him/her. ED shall submit to the Finance Committee a suggested budget for the Corporation. ED shall also certify to the accuracy of the authorization for all bills and vouchers upon which money is paid. He/she shall collect all monies due the Corporation and deposit its funds as instructed by the Board, and shall have charge of the books and accounts, which shall be audited biennially or at the discretion of the Board by a Certified Public Accountant. ED shall have authority to sign checks on an operating fund for the payment of current expenses of the Corporation.

The ED shall be solely responsible for the hiring, termination, supervision, promotion, and determination of compensation of the employees of FGBC, such compensation of which is to be paid by the FGBC, within budgetary constraints as determined by the Board. ED shall have authority to negotiate and enter into agreements for the purchase of goods and services reasonably necessary to and in the ordinary course of the FGBC business, provided that such agreements are consistent with the FGBC approved budget.


• To administer certification programs based upon the green building standards
• To award a certification mark to qualified projects
• To educate the general public, businesses, institutional and governmental bodies of the long term benefits of sustainable development and green building practices
• To encourage housing affordability by increasing building sustainability
• To stimulate statewide acquaintance and fellowship among members and others interested in green building practices
• To provide opportunities for members and other interested parties to increase their knowledge of green building practices.
• Promotion of the environment and sustainability along with the mission of the organization
• Increase FGBC Membership and retain current members
• Develop and implement cost effective public relations, website updating and marketing strategies
• Serve as liaison and key representative of the organization during community interactions and events
• Lead and organize the annual Green Trends Conference
• Interface and report to board of directors
• Fundraising and development
• Oversee and FGBC Member working committees
• Interface with subcontractors and certified agents
• Oversee and manage all financial matters (book keeping, ensure audit, budget and thorough record keeping)


The ED shall be committed to the organizational values and have a passion to serve within the field of green building and sustainability. Furthermore, selected individual must embody innovation, organization, resourcefulness and resilient skills.


• Abide by FGBC by laws outlining Executive Director duties
• 5 years or more professional, management and leadership experience
• 3 years or more experience in fundraising, grant writing and development
• 2 years or more experience in environment and sustainability area of service
• Associates college degree or higher
• 2 years or more successful experience in community outreach, public relations and marketing
• 3 years or more experience in managing budgets and record keeping
• Proven business development, partner engagement, sales and/or innovation track record
• Experience managing over $250,000 budget
• Experience managing and engaging a board of directors
• Ability to travel
• Good customer service skills
• Good communication skills
• Ability to analyze financial data, recognize errors, and implement corrections
• Detail orientated
• Exceptional analytical and problem solving abilities
• Ability to work and interact with departments throughout the organization
• Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
• Proficient knowledge of Excel and Word


• Pass an FDLE background check
• 10% travel
• Complete all details of application and interview process successfully
• Comply with FGBC by laws related to Executive Director position


• Apply by February 28th, 2017
• Submit resume and at least 2 professional references to us via email


• Apply by February 28th, 2017
• Submit resume and at least 2 professional references to us via email