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The United Way of Fairfield County

The United Way of Fairfield County represents a community of

more than 150,000 people just south of Columbus, Ohio. Fairfield

County was given it's name as a reference to it's beautiful fields,

something you can still see across the county today. The county

seat is Lancaster and it's currently the 20th largest County in the


Since 1940, the United Way Fairfield County (UWFC) has worked to

advance the common good by focusing on improvements in education,

financial stability and health for those in Fairfield County. These

are the building blocks for a good life - a quality education that

leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through

retirement, and good health to be able to enjoy it all. In 2017,

UWFC Campaign raised more than $1.6M in support of it's


UWFC is one of 69 county United Ways across the state of Ohio.

All are united by common and national strategic goals, but operated

locally to determine their own best approach to solve problems in

their local community. Beyond UWFC's financial support to local

programs, they are the partner of choice for many corporations,

organizations, agencies, and individuals who want to make a real

impact in the community. Because of these partnerships, UWFC can

effectively advocate for Fairfield County's most pressing human

service needs. UWFC's strength is its ability to build

partnerships, forge consensus and leverage resources to make a

measurable difference in the Fairfield County community.

Position Description

The CEO is the leader of the organization, establishing a vision

for Community Impact that is achieved through the efforts of a

diverse team of high-performing leaders, staff and volunteers

alike. The role is the Chief Mobilizer; they will leverage the

power of relationships and networks and work across private, public

and corporate sectors to improve conditions in the community. The

CEO will be dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the common

good - creating, resourcing, scaling and leveraging strategies for

broad investment and impact. This individual will be the steward of

the brand and will understand their role in growing and protecting

the reputation of the UWFC. They will value network and strive to

leverage United Way's breadth of community presence, relationships

and strategy.

The long serving CEO, Sherry Orlando, will be retiring in July

2018 and will be on-boarding her successor. The organization has

benefited from long tenured executives as well as staff throughout

their history and the ultimate goal is to hire a long-term

successor. This role has four direct reports and will report

directly to the Board of Trustees.

The 16 member Board of Trustees, led by current Board President

Jeromey Sheets, works closely with the CEO to ensure goals are met

and there are ongoing strategies to continue to grow the

organization and support the people in the local community. In

2018, the organization will address community needs in Education,

Financial Stability and Health. For example, in education, the

United Way will fund programs that increase school readiness,

increase positive family engagement, reduce non-academic barriers

to student success and will increase academic achievement and

career readiness for youth. United Way funded programs for all

areas will reach over 45,000 individuals in 2018. As there are long

term strategies and continuous effort to improve these areas there

will be a need for constant assessment to address any specific

needs that arise throughout the year.

Specific Responsibilities Include:

Inspire, lead, hire, retain and develop the staff to achieve or

exceed all stated goals and objectives

Lead the overall operation of the United Way Fairfield


Provide appropriate and timely information to the Board of

Trustees to make informed and effective decisions; serve as the

liaison between the Board of Trustees and staff; responsible for

the recruitment and identification of new board members

Provide oversight and management of the organization's

resources (human, material, financial) in accordance with the

organization's mission, values and consistency with board


Establish vision, formulate the organization's mission,

strategic plan, goals, objectives and related policies and ensure

effective implementation

Demonstrate a sense of priority in defining, undertaking and

completing projects; assuming responsibility and taking


Work closely with the Board to craft and adapt strategies to

achieve an impact in the community, including raising of funds to

support it

Establish and build relationships with top leaders in the

community, including those representing the highest levels in

business, government and non-profit sectors

Responsible to drive key results in fundraising; to identify,

cultivate and solicit prospective donors and key leaders of

prospective new corporate partners; and to promote a culture of

fundraising in the organization, both at the staff and board


Serve as the principal resource to the Board of Trustees and

its key committees and provide strong direction in policy

formulation and interpretation

Partner with the board and the UWFC leadership team to craft

organizational goals and develop strategies to ensure success

Key Qualifications/Experiences/Attributes


Bachelor's degree preferred, but not required; experience

equally important

10+ years of professional experience in a leadership role

Must live in Fairfield County or be from the county and excited

to return to a county address

Several years of experience working in the nonprofit sector and

interacting with volunteers and diverse boards is preferred;

however, a track record of similar work may be acceptable

Charismatic leadership for this role is important; should be

able to inspire and energize the staff, board and community

Demonstrated track record of promoting diversity and

demonstrating respect for all people

Demonstrated ability to build and maintain external community


Demonstrated success generating revenues and finding new

revenue streams

Team-oriented, collaborative, naturally seeks others thoughts

and actively listens

Proven decision maker with the ability to set priorities,

manage and implement them

Demonstrated success as an effective communicator; examples of

results through influence

Proven service orientation earning a high level of satisfaction

is important

Solid business and financial management skills; executive level

business acumen

An energetic self-starter, flexible and able to prioritize

multiple tasks

Smart and intellectually curious; should be naturally willing

to explore new ideas and innovative approaches to solving problems

… and able to instinctively recognize the best choices

Employment Type: Permanent

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